NetEnt Slot RTP

  • Jan 24, 2021

When we talk of online gambling casino games, NetEnt is one of the best providers in the industry. The game provider has a wide range of casino games in its portfolio. And if you have been in the industry for a while, you would have come across NeEnt casino games. The game developer is famous for its top-notch and innovative casino games that players around the world love to play. Additionally, you can simply visit if you want to know how to play NetEnt casino games.

NetEnt Slot Overview

The software game company have designed a vast number of casino games since its inception in 1996. Though the company started off as an online casino before transiting to games development in 2002. Ever since then, all casino games the brand have delivered are usually top-notch. In addition to that, the game provider is an expert when it comes to designing online casino slot machines, live dealer casino games, table games, and several others. You can check out to get a better understanding of NetEnt games.

Among this wide range of online casino games, you will notice that online slot machines are the most popular games that casino players in the gambling community enjoy playing. When you compare slot machines to other casino games developed by the game provider, you will see that online slot machines are the most sought after at every gambling sites. One of the impressive thing about these slot games is that they all come with different storylines, bonus features, symbols, paylines and many more.

  • Some of the best NetEnt slots with high RTP include;
  • Blood Sucker - 98%
  • Devil's Delight - 97%
  • When Pigs Fly - 97%

What makes it more interesting is that casino players are not limited to a kind of slots, they will have access to various kind of online slot machines from this great brand. As such, there are no dulling moments when playing NetEnt slot games. To add to that, all NetEnt slot machines are usually developed with a high Return to Player percentage. The percentage value usually ranges from 94% to 98%, As such, players will get to enjoy wagering on NetEnt slots since the game comes with both fun and rewards.


RTP, Summary and Conclusion

The Return to Player percentage is one of the important factors that a player should consider when deciding which online casino slot machine to play. The Return to Player percentage is the average return out of all the total wagered money that a certain slot returns back to the player in the long run. This implies that when you wager on a particular slot machine, there is a certain amount that s meant to return to you. This higher the RTP percentage, the better chances the player get at winning.

Let's give an example for better understanding. Supposing a player wager on a NetEnt a total of $100 on a slot with an RTP of 98%. The player is likely to get back about 98% of the money back over a certain game period. On a final note, NetEnt slot games are very interesting and entertaining. Aside from that, player get a higher payout percentage, and this makes it more fascinating. Visit any legit NetEnt casino, join them and start enjoying high RTP NetEnt slots.

NetEnt Slot Game RTP