Netent Games RTP

  • Jan 24, 2021

Gambling on casino games is popular in most parts of the world. With online casinos, it has even become easier to play casino games. Netent is a company that develops a wide range of online casino games. It was established in 1996, and ever since it has continued to build a great name for itself in the casino industry. From slots to live casino games, you'll find different kinds of games in the developer's arsenal. In this article, we'll talk about Netent games RTP. Read Netent game reviews on .

Return to Player which is commonly referred to as RTP is associated with every type of casino game. By definition, RTP is the percentage of all the money that is wagered on a casino game, that will, in the long run, be paid back to players as winnings. Some casino games may have the same RTP values, while for others the RTP may be completely different. You can play the best games from Netent at the top casino websites listed on

Understanding Why RTP Matters

To get the full picture of what RTP is, let's consider this example. If a particular casino game comes with an RTP of 96% and players wagered a total amount of 100 EUR on it throughout its lifespan. The money that can be expected from the game as winnings will be 96 EUR. As you can notice, this is not the same as what was wagered. There is a difference of 4 EUR, and this difference in the casino gaming world is called the house edge,

The House Edge of any Netent game is the amount of money that the casinos featuring the game will profit from it. It is a fraction of the total amount wagered usually calculated by deducting the RTP from 100. If you want to check the RTP of any game developed by Netent, you can go ahead and click on the info button that is always available on the screen of the game. This will display not only the RTP but also the game rules and features.

A Look Into the RTP of Most Played Netent Games

One of the great things about games that are developed by the provider is that they have really good RTP rates. Many of these games have RTP that is between 93 to 99%. The starburst video slot which is by far the most popular slot game has an RTP of 96.10%. Blood Suckers is also another good Netent slot that has an RTP of 98%. The Netent live dealer game, Branded Casino Perfect Blackjack offer a return to player percentage of 99.66%.

A few games from the developer come with RTP that changes depending on the game mode. Hotline online slot game, for instance, has a 93.16% RTP when it's played in the regular game mode. But, once the game's bonus mode is triggered such as the multiplier or wilds feature, the RTP will increase to as high as 97.04%. One other game that has a similar flexible RTP feature is Strolling Staxx slot. This game offers a return to player rate between 95.95 – 95.98%.


RTP of Netent Casino Games